Getting Started with Eloquent JavaScript

About the Book

Eloquent JavaScript is one of the famous books of JavaScript written by Marijn Haverbeke, this book helps us to become fluent in Javascript. It is a must-read book for beginners and for the ones who want to clear the basic concepts of javascript.

How I came started reading this book

So let's take you to the back story, last month a boot camp started by Tanay Pratap named neogcamp, and I took part in that camp and started learning javascript. And in the camp, Tanay asked us all to read this book and even he started the challenge on this book, but that time I couldn't able to do the challenge, but it's never too late, though the challenge ended now. As I started reading this book now, so I thought why not write about each chapter and my learnings.

So here I am, writing about this book. In this blog, I will take you to the introduction section of the book only, and in the upcoming blogs, I will write about each chapter thoroughly.

We think we are creating the system for our own purposes. We believe we are making it in our own image...But the computer is not really like us. It is a projection of a very slim part of ourselves: that portion devoted to logic, order, rule, and clarity.
--Ellen Ullman


This book trains us to make computers do, want we want them to do. In short, it helps us to know, how to instruct computers.

As Computers are machines and they don't understand human language, but at the same time they are so useful to humans also as they can do things at an incredibly high speed, and that's why we need computers to do things.

But to make them do things, we need to give instructions, and as they don't understand our language than how to give instructions to them....wait they do understand one language and that is Machine Language.

Machine Language contains only 0s and 1s. In short, computers only understands 0s and 1s.

Now you must be thinking how to give our instructions to the computer using 0s and 1s only, but you don't have to worry as we will be using programming language to give instructions to the computer and then it gets converted to machine code(which computer understands)


  • Programming is an activity, and in this activity, Programs are constructed.
  • Programming is done with Programming Languages and JavaScript is one such language.
  • Program - is a set of precise instructions, which tells a computer what to do.
  • Programming Language- is an artificially constructed language used to instruct computers.

This book makes us familiar with JavaScript language so we can write programs and instruct computers on what to do.

Evolution of Programs

As you know now that, computers understand 0s and 1s only, and at the birth of computing, there was no programming language. At that time programs looked something like this

00110001  00000000  00000000
00110001  00000001  00000001
00110011  00000001  00000010
01010001  00001011  00000010
00100010  00000010  00001000
01000011  00000001  00000000
01000001  00000001  00000001
00010000  00000010  00000000
01100010  00000000  00000000

This program adds 1 to 10 together and prints the result 55.

To program that time, switches and punch holes were feed into the computer to give instructions.

Now you can imagine how hard it would be back then to instruct computers, as a simple program needs a lot of work.

Now, this is how the same program looks in javascript

let total=0,count=1;
while(count <=10){

The same program could also be written in a single line if we have a specific operation sum and range available, which respectively will compute the sum of a given collection of numbers that range will create.


This is the journey of program-from soup of bits kind of structure to a single statement.

Through the help of this book, we will get to learn how to write these kinds of programs in JavaScipt.

Now, we got the history of programs. Let's now get to the history of JavaScript

Javascript History

  • JavaScript was introduced in 1995 as a way to add programs to web pages in the Netscape Navigator Browser and after that, it was adopted by other web browsers too.
  • Using JavaScript, a web application can interact directly without loading the page again and again.
  • When other browsers started adopting JavaScript, they come together and made a standard document, to describe the way JavaScript language should work, and is called the ECMAScript standard.
  • While ECMAScript and JavaScript are synonyms and can be used interchangeably.
  • After this standardization, a lot of changes happened, new features added up, and different versions came. In this book, the 2017 version of JavaScript is being used.

Overview of the book

This book consists of 21 chapters which are divided into three parts-first 12 chapters discuss js language, the next 7 discuss web browsers and the way js is used to program them, and the last 2 chapters are devoted to NodeJS(environment to program js)

The topics covered in these chapters are-Values,Types,and Operators, Program Structure,Functions, Objects, Arrays, Functions, Bugs and Errors, Regular Expression, Modules, Asynchronous Programming, Browser, DOM, Events, HTTP and Forms, and last but not the least Node.js.There are 5 projects chapter also, plus at the end of each chapter excerises are given too.

This is all about the intro of this book. I will be posting on each chapter soon.

Btw guys I need to tell you that, with eloquent javascript, I am also getting started with my blogging journey, yeah it's my first blog and I hope more will be adding up soon, in the list.
If you read this blog till here, please give your reviews, your reviews would help me, to better at it every day.

Thank you

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